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rabbifrand-picWelcome to the Torah Library of Rabbi Yissocher Frand, presented by the Yad Yechiel Institute. Every offering in the library is a live recording of a shiur presented by Rabbi Frand, a dynamic and inspiring teacher who brings a unique perspective to every subject he covers. The extensive online library catalogued in the following pages contains Parsha shiurim for the entire Torah, the Commuter’s Chavrusa Series -delving into topical Halachic issues found in each Parsha; the Parsha Perceptions Series – inspirational thoughts on the week’s Torah reading (great for your Shabbos table), Hashkafa Series -lectures of the issues of Jewish living – and Theme Sets – collections of lectures on specific issues with new shiurim and additional series being added regularly. Be sure to review the titles in each category to find the topics of greatest interest to you. Available on CD or MP3